28 June, 2007


Has anyone else tried this Full Throttle energy drink that Coke is selling?

One of my co-workers came back from lunch yesterday and gave me a can of it. Being a fan of caffeine, I decided to give it a try. All I can say is: It was like a sugar and caffeine party in my mouth, and everyone was invited! And then everyone threw up. And then someone peed on my molars.

Ugh. What the hell is wrong with the people who actually enjoy this crap?

23 June, 2007

In Case You Hadn't Heard

So in case you hadn't heard from me, or via the grapevine: I have a new job!

I'll still be with the same organization, but I'm moving to a new contracting company to do system administration (ie, keep the web servers, routers and DNS boxes running, along with whatever other things that fall under our purview). So much more in line with the kind of stuff I want and like to do. Plus the added bonus that I know most of the people in my new group, and actually like them.

So, huzzah! I need to give my two weeks notice (and boy, those will be a fun two weeks), and then I'm going to take a week off between the jobs (hopefully going to California).

It feels good to...feel good again.

16 June, 2007


Squirrels will fuck you up, yo

Looking So Hard

Ah, the joys of visiting the family. Spent a good chunk of the night sitting around with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, looking through several boxes of family pictures. And unlike these family pictures, they were actually fairly modern and mostly just my immediate family.

But just odd looking at pictures of myself over the years. My high school graduation. Going off to college. At my brother's wedding. Couple of ex-girlfriends. And oh, my long hair. How I sometimes miss you.

Right now, none of those pix have been scanned in, and probably won't be. But here are some shots I took of the family reunion this afternoon, if you are curious. The reunion focused on my maternal grandmother's side of the family, and you can at least tell where I get my height from.

14 June, 2007

Jim. Eats. Waffles!

I did not catch the Captain Tripps that everyone else caught.

I spent way more money getting my car ready for my trip than I really wanted to.

I actually managed to leave when I wanted to, which was right around 11.

I ate at the Waffle House in Harrisonburg. I had a waffle, coffee and hashbrowns (scattered, smothered and covered).

It rained a whole bunch the entire time I was driving.

I smoked way too many cigarettes on the trip down.

I should have taken a picture of that waffle before I ate it, so that I could post it and you too could enjoy its wonderfulness.

Filled up my gas tank and bought a Cherry Pepsi at the same gas station on I-77 that I always go to, and yet I never plan to go to that exact same gas station on each trip. I just always end up there. Weird.

I arrived safely at my parents, after my usual harrowing journey down a country road, constantly wondering if I did, in fact, make the correct turn back at the ol' tree stump.

I toured the farmgardens. Not much edible yet.

Dinner was good.

And then I found teh internets.

That waffle was made entirely out of waffles!

13 June, 2007

Goodbye, Mr. Wizard


Sure, the show idea was a little creepy: Young children go over to some dude's house and perform "experiments". But where else would I have learned, at such a young age, that liquid nitrogen can freeze just about anything, that steel wool is surprisingly flammable, and that you can determine the height of a tree with a pan of water and a measuring tape (no climbing required)?

Bill Nye's got nothing on Mr. Wizard.

12 June, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts

"Think it through, Jon. If you wanted people to fight in an eight-sided cage, wouldn't the natural choice of shape be...an octagon?"

03 June, 2007


ugh, i think i'm sick.

i've spent most of the day napping. and my throat is a bit raw. and i could barely concentrate on the episode of arrested development that was on earlier in the afternoon.

if you don't see me for a few days, you'll know why.