14 June, 2007

Jim. Eats. Waffles!

I did not catch the Captain Tripps that everyone else caught.

I spent way more money getting my car ready for my trip than I really wanted to.

I actually managed to leave when I wanted to, which was right around 11.

I ate at the Waffle House in Harrisonburg. I had a waffle, coffee and hashbrowns (scattered, smothered and covered).

It rained a whole bunch the entire time I was driving.

I smoked way too many cigarettes on the trip down.

I should have taken a picture of that waffle before I ate it, so that I could post it and you too could enjoy its wonderfulness.

Filled up my gas tank and bought a Cherry Pepsi at the same gas station on I-77 that I always go to, and yet I never plan to go to that exact same gas station on each trip. I just always end up there. Weird.

I arrived safely at my parents, after my usual harrowing journey down a country road, constantly wondering if I did, in fact, make the correct turn back at the ol' tree stump.

I toured the farmgardens. Not much edible yet.

Dinner was good.

And then I found teh internets.

That waffle was made entirely out of waffles!

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