08 July, 2007

Someone shut off this music

So I saw the new Transformers movie Friday night. Ugh. It sucked about as much as I figured it would. Maybe even a little more than that. (Although the effects were pretty damn nice.)

I only bring this up to share this with you: Lesser-Known Transformers.

06 July, 2007


  • Rebooted the Unix machine that hasn't had a power-cycle problem in more than a year (which makes me think that someone was screwing around with it last night after I went home)

  • Recycled 15 bottles of various forms of refreshment

  • Tossed one, 4"-high stack of papers

  • Shredded about two years worth of time sheets from several years ago

  • Bagged up the last six to eight months worth of empty breakfast bar boxes (to be taken home and recycled)

  • Burned eight DVDs worth of pornfiles accumulated over the last seven years

  • Wrote out procedures for a few more of my activities

  • Turned in paperwork for new job

  • Had exit interview with contracting company

  • Listened to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture on the ride home

And that was my last day at work.

04 July, 2007

There were people at that party WAY drunker than me

okay, well, maybe not.

all apologies for anything i said or did that was not, er, appropriate.

but fuck it, it was fun.

peace, bitches.