30 August, 2007

eric idle

said it best:


They say I might as well face the truth
That I am just too long in the tooth.
So I'm an OAP and weak-kneed
But I have not yet quite gone to seed.
I may be over the hill now that I have retired
Fading away but I've not yet expired.
Clapped out, run down, too old to save
One Foot in the Grave.

They say I might as well face the truth
That I am just too long in the tooth.
I've started to deteriorate
And now I've passed my own sell-by date.

Oh, I am no spring chicken it's true.
I have to pop my teeth in to chew.
And my old knees have started to knock
I've just got too many miles on the clock.

So I'm a wrinkly, crinkly, set in my ways.
It's true that my body has seen better days.
But give me half a chance and I can still misbehave.
One Foot in the Grave.
One Foot in the Grave.
One Foot in the Grave.

happy bday to me. 100000 (or, 000001, for you weirdos out there) and counting.

15 August, 2007

Outage Thursday

(well, long time, no post)

One of the duties of my new job involves keeping our servers and software up-to-date. And today, I get to do just that. After spending way too much time trying to get MySQL to build properly under Solaris 9 the last couple of days, I now get to put the new server app onto the production machines.

Which means...waiting for an outage. An understandable inconvenience, although made more annoying by the fact that our database servers really aren't used all that much. So it's not like a huge problem if they're not available for half-an-hour. But oh well.

In our case, outages occur every Tuesday and Thursday. From 0300 to 0600. (ie, fucking early).

So I figure, I've got the following choices:

  1. Go to sleep early, wake up at 5AM, remote in to work, and install the upgraded software

  2. Go to sleep early, wake up around 4:30AM, drive in to work, and install the upgraded software

  3. Say fuck it, pull an all-nighter, drive in to work hella early, install the upgraded software, and then leave early

Now, choices 1 & 2 invovle going to sleep early, which just isn't going to happen. (Plus, I really don't feel like dealing with any strange fuckery that might happen by having only one hour to do an upgrade.) So here I am, enjoying the wonders of the data center since a little before 3AM. Some observations:

  • The Harris Teeter on Harrison would, naturally, pick tonight to be closed for floor maintenance. Meaning I had to backtrack to the HT on Glebe to pick up my coffee beans, cream, etc

  • Not much traffic getting up to Maryland, although still a fair amount at 2:30AM

  • My car decides that it is the perfect time to do some new fuckery. For today, it involves the engine revving super-high when the transmission is in neutral. (I made it to work, and after parking the car, it eventually calmed down to normal RPMs. I guess I will see how it is doing when I leave later this morning, and determine if I'll be driving straight to the Saturn dealer and bugging someone for a ride to my place so I can sleep.)

  • The datacenter is amazingly quiet and peaceful this early in the morning. Also, plenty of free parking spots.

At least I got the upgrade done in about 30 minutes, with no major shenanigans. Of course, I still have another *looks at clock* 6 hours and 15 minutes to go. I guess shall occupy myself with reinstalling Solaris 10 on my personal Sun box, and getting the PHP binaries that I (FINALLY!) compiled ready for upgrades on the production machines next week. Whoo! I suspect I shall be having more outage fun both days. Yay, me.