27 September, 2007

Dallas, Day 4

Seriously, what is up with the bums around here?

To get an idea of what I ran into earlier today after eating lunch, check out this sound clip of David Cross impersonating a homeless person. Eeeeerily similar.

Took another chance on Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse for lunch today. Was able to get food...and seating. The meaty products were quite good, although the sides could use some work. Oh well, can't win them all.

Debated buying a silly cowboy hat. Decided not to. Might change mind, if the store is open early enough tomorrow for me to get there before having to leave for my flight.

The convenience stores here can sell liquor. So Texas does have something going for it.

Bum Count: 8

Dallas, Day 3

And routine sets in.

Woke up and wandered around downtown a bit, looking for a CVS so I could buy some smokes. Finally found one, several blocks from where the website said it would be.

Oh yeah, more bums. Oddly enough, they mostly seem to hang around the bus stops. And the McDonalds.

Tried to have dinner at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, but for whatever reason, they couldn't quite handle seating people. Our "10 minute wait" turned into 30. And while I was fine with that (mainly because of a nice pint of Ziegan Bock), my co-workers felt the need to go someplace else. So away we went and got some mexican down the street. Not too bad, but certainly not the greatest.

Had a bum come up to me, complete with trash-bag-cum-poncho, and ask for a light. No big deal. But apparently local cops aren't big on bums talking to anybody, and quickly came over to shoo the guy away.

And the heat is starting to get annoying.

Bum Count: 6

25 September, 2007

Dallas, Day 2

It's weird waking up in a hotel.

Nothing is where it is supposed to be. The bed feels strange. The shower doesn't work the way you think it should. Also doesn't help that I woke up at 7AM, normal time, which is only 6 in bizarro world. So plenty of time to kill until my co-workers and I planned to meet up and head over to the data center.

After a mediocre free continental breakfast buffet, I read the local paper. Good to see that nothing particularly interesting happens in other cities. Finally time to head out, and I learn that our data center is, in fact, right across the street. So that was a nice surprise.

In terms of work, we managed to get most of our assigned tasks done by the end of the day. Which means we're effectively going to end up with two days to kill. Whoo-hoo.

Asked my Dallas co-worker where we could smoke. He took me outside to the grassy knoll. THE grassy knoll. In Dallas. It's like history, right in front of me. Co-worker then pointed out the book depository across the street, and the point where JFK's brains went flying out of his head. Pretty cool. Makes me wish I had brought my camera with me. Guess I will just have to get some pics with my camera phone.

And now I'm just killing time until dinner. Going to try for some Texas BBQ tonight, so hopefully that will work out well.

Update: Had Italian, instead. Well, sort of Italian. Italian-American, I guess. Still pretty tasty.

Also, I have internet again. For now, at least. And I fixed the XML feed for the site, so that should start showing up again in your favorite RSS reader.

Also also: I have now had three bums try to get money of me, in just over a 24-hour period. Fantastic.

Dallas, Day 1

(Out-of-sync blogging, as our hotel's internet connection is currently fubar)

Well, I still hate flying.

No, that's not quite right. I really hate taking off. I'm guessing it's several million of evolution firmly stating that as a homo sapien, I need to stay on the ground. Being hurtled at great speeds by a magical craft towards the sky is just not what I was meant to do.

The actual flying wasn't too bad, at least. This flight had little turbulence, so not too many panic attacks. Just sort of kept my nose buried in my book the whole time. And oddly enough, the landing for me is just fine. I can actually look out the window and not get that feeling that I'm going to go falling down to the ground, even though I am, in fact, hurtling towards the ground. Weird.

So, yeah, got in to Dallas-Fort Worth around 6PM. Got to the hotel to find out that their internet connection is broken. Well, mostly broken. There is a "business center" with a marginally working connection. Got food recommendations from the front desk. Got into my room to find out that my shampoo container had released a good portion of its contents into my luggage. Much cleaning after that.

Dinner was nice. Went to something called the Hoffbrau Steaks, which is apparently a small chain throughout Texas. Yummy sirloin, and Shiner Bock on tap. Couple of those and life is really good.