25 September, 2007

Dallas, Day 1

(Out-of-sync blogging, as our hotel's internet connection is currently fubar)

Well, I still hate flying.

No, that's not quite right. I really hate taking off. I'm guessing it's several million of evolution firmly stating that as a homo sapien, I need to stay on the ground. Being hurtled at great speeds by a magical craft towards the sky is just not what I was meant to do.

The actual flying wasn't too bad, at least. This flight had little turbulence, so not too many panic attacks. Just sort of kept my nose buried in my book the whole time. And oddly enough, the landing for me is just fine. I can actually look out the window and not get that feeling that I'm going to go falling down to the ground, even though I am, in fact, hurtling towards the ground. Weird.

So, yeah, got in to Dallas-Fort Worth around 6PM. Got to the hotel to find out that their internet connection is broken. Well, mostly broken. There is a "business center" with a marginally working connection. Got food recommendations from the front desk. Got into my room to find out that my shampoo container had released a good portion of its contents into my luggage. Much cleaning after that.

Dinner was nice. Went to something called the Hoffbrau Steaks, which is apparently a small chain throughout Texas. Yummy sirloin, and Shiner Bock on tap. Couple of those and life is really good.

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  1. Just remember sir, in a few days, you get to be launched into the air again.
    keep an eye out for missiles, they fuck a plane up. not that you can do anything about it.
    but if you see one...at least call me, and let me know i was right.