27 September, 2007

Dallas, Day 3

And routine sets in.

Woke up and wandered around downtown a bit, looking for a CVS so I could buy some smokes. Finally found one, several blocks from where the website said it would be.

Oh yeah, more bums. Oddly enough, they mostly seem to hang around the bus stops. And the McDonalds.

Tried to have dinner at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, but for whatever reason, they couldn't quite handle seating people. Our "10 minute wait" turned into 30. And while I was fine with that (mainly because of a nice pint of Ziegan Bock), my co-workers felt the need to go someplace else. So away we went and got some mexican down the street. Not too bad, but certainly not the greatest.

Had a bum come up to me, complete with trash-bag-cum-poncho, and ask for a light. No big deal. But apparently local cops aren't big on bums talking to anybody, and quickly came over to shoo the guy away.

And the heat is starting to get annoying.

Bum Count: 6

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