27 September, 2007

Dallas, Day 4

Seriously, what is up with the bums around here?

To get an idea of what I ran into earlier today after eating lunch, check out this sound clip of David Cross impersonating a homeless person. Eeeeerily similar.

Took another chance on Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse for lunch today. Was able to get food...and seating. The meaty products were quite good, although the sides could use some work. Oh well, can't win them all.

Debated buying a silly cowboy hat. Decided not to. Might change mind, if the store is open early enough tomorrow for me to get there before having to leave for my flight.

The convenience stores here can sell liquor. So Texas does have something going for it.

Bum Count: 8


  1. Your bum count to date for Dallas is one walk to dinner in Seattle or Portland...

    Great cities though.

  2. James,
    Hey it was awesome standing on line with you this weekend :)
    Lemme know how the Pratchett pic turns out!