28 December, 2007

Poorly quoted conversation from work just now

Background: Co-worker #2 is my team lead, and his wife is into swordplay-type stuff. Co-worker #1 is our boss.

Co-worker #1: So are we going to see a picture of your wife beating things up with a mace now?
Co-worker #2: Yeah, eventually.
Co-worker #1: It just seems odd to spend so much time learning about swords. Is she just a naturally violent person?
Co-worker #2: Not really. More of a protection thing.
Co-worker #1: Protection from what? Muggers?
Co-worker #2: You never know who is lurking in the dark when you're walking around.
Me: Also, zombies.
Co-worker #1: What's wrong with guns?
Me: Guns are loud. And attract more zombies.
Co-worker #1: Hunh.
Me: You obviously do not spend enough time thinking about zombie defense.

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