22 February, 2008

Porn on the proxies

Got a message from tech support saying that one of our proxies was running low on disk space. Usually this is a problem that sorts itself out on its own, but I decided to check it out, anyways.

Log in to the machine and check out the directory that holds all of the files that are being virus scanned on the way to the end-user, and find a large (1.8GB) ISO file. "Ah, that would be it". Looking through the file, I see a bunch of stuff about Microsoft. So, someone is downloading a Windows DVD image. Nothing wrong with that (assuming it was from a legal source). Since it was almost two hours old, I cleared out the disk space, solving the tech support issue.

And then I noticed something else of interest. A file with a .php extension. And it was just over 200MB. Looked through the file, and realized it was a Windows Media file.

"Very, very interesting", says I.

I watch the file for a bit, and once I'm sure its done downloading, I copy it over to a temp drive. Then I tell my coworker about it, and we proceed to copy it to each of our machines: his a Windows box, mine Linux.

For whatever reason, it doesn't come up on his. But I send the file to VLC and start playback:

"Oh yeah...its porn."

Bad porn, but porn none-the-less.

Sometimes, I really do enjoy my job.