29 April, 2008

Hey pig

Roadie: Oh, boy. There goes Peter Frampton's big finale. He's gonna be pissed off.
Peter Frampton: You're damn right I'm gonna be pissed off! I bought that pig at Pink Floyd's yard sale!

08 April, 2008

Son of bitch. Shit.

I today I learned how it feels to do an rm -rf / on my system.

This happened and work, and luckily, it was my computer, and not one of the servers. And I wasn't running as root.

But still.

Somehow...and believe, I'd love to know about that how...but somehow, my root folder (/) go into my Trash folder. (I'm using Gnome, BTW, so hence why I even have a Trash folder.) And I decided to empty my trash before shutting down the machine (today is the day we move back into our permanent offices).

Which suddenly caused a lot more items to go flying by than I would have suspected. After cancelling the process, I realize that my Desktop is now clear of anything useful, such as my files and links. And my shortcuts are gone. And then I find that quite a lot of my dot-files are gone.


So now I'm trying to recover from all of that. Luckily, few (if any) binaries were affected. So its more a matter of getting things set up the way I had them before. Sadly, I've lost my archived e-mails for last year. And the bulk of the work I had done on our password changing mechanism.

But hey, at least I've got my window again, so no more going crazy without natural light.