21 May, 2008


seriously, is my hair just getting curlier as i get older? is this normal?

i got a haircut yesterday, and my hair is just wicked curly right now. i do not recall it being this bad when i was younger. maybe more wavy, at that point. now? its like dr. cox from scrubs (somewhere around season 4 or 5...if you watch the show with any regularity, you know what i'm talking about).

at this rate, its going to be like later-episodes mike brady by the time i'm forty.

and why do all of my similes involve television characters?

i have no idea why i used "wicked curly" up there


  1. you used "wicked" because you've been possessed by evil new england spirits. and that's wicked awesome.

  2. more of a wicked pisser, really

  3. my biggest disappointment since moving to new england is that i hear "wicked" less often than i expected.

    your hair is curly because it's haunted by robert reed, and teh spirit of mike brady is teh wicked ghey.

  4. perhaps you should invest in a quality hair pick...