17 July, 2008

Oreo Cakesters

Needing a sugar buzz and inevitable sugar crash that helps me get my day started, I stopped by the vending machine at work. Only to find that it had been picked clean of all the good stuff. But, not be dissuaded, I picked one of the last sugary items available (forget you, fruit snacks): Oreo Cakesters.

The verdict: Well, I guess they're Oreo in as much as they are two brown discs sandwiching a creamy white filling. The flavor is similar to a standard Oreo, but more like it had been created from an Oreo that came from a parallel universe that is similar to, but not quite like, our own. Perhaps a universe where dogs are called cats, and cats are called dogs. Or maybe one where they don't quite know how to make an Oreo.

My biggest concern about the whole deal is the nutritional labeling. The package comes with three Cakesters, and if you look at the calorie count, you find that one snack treat has 120 calories. However, the whole package (all three), has 370 calories. Is there are thing where the FDA allows for the rounding to the nearest ten when listing calories? Or does the consumption of the entire package literally mean that? Three Oreo Cakesters, cardboard sling and foil packaging included? If so, can we not find a lower calorie packaging material?

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