28 August, 2008

as i sit at my desk, a man walks by, heading to another office. this man, strangely enough, looks like abe vigoda. the following is the insanityconversation in my head:

"whoa. fish from barney miller just walked by. why would abe vigoda be in my office? you know what would be funny? this:"

the bats have left the bell tower
the victims have been bled
red velvet lines the black box
abe vigoda's dead

"wait...is abe vigoda dead? you'd think if he was dead, there would have been a lot more mention of it on teh internwebs. oh yeah, there's that site that tells you if he's dead!"

which, naturally, lead to a quick search on google and the abe vigoda status site. (you'll be relieved to know that, as of 8:42AM, he was still alive.)

but best of all, at the bottom of the page, is the parody i was hoping for.

thank you, internets. i know i sometimes rag on you, because you're full of idiots spouting of about stuff that makes no difference. but every so often, you redeem yourself.

20 August, 2008

give me give me give me...fried chicken

man, do i love me some fried chicken. i don't care how unhealthy it is for you, i love it. the skin? with all the oil and seasonings and crispiness? one of the greatest things ever.

of course, finding a good recipe is a pain. i have, over the last year or so, been attempting to get a decent flavor out of alton brown's recipe.

well, that's not quite right. his recipe is pretty damn tasty. hell, most everything he makes is pretty damn tasty. but the first time i made that fried chicken, the unanimous response was: GOD DAMN, THIS IS SALTY! to quote philip j. fry: "this is the saltiest thing i've ever eaten...and i once ate a big bowl of salt"

okay, not quite that bad. but damn, was it salty. so the next time i made it, i used half the salt called for in the recipe.

stilll, too salty.

okay, let's try it without salt. nope, not a good idea. you obviously must have some salt in it for flavor, but finding that magical amount is tricky.

until last night. and the answer is pretty simple: use one-quarter the salt. (okay, and i used white pepper and some old bay, and no cayenne pepper). but the results are delicious.

and i don't know what it is, but cold fried chicken, much like cold pizza, is just an amazing thing. kfc and popeye's are missing out on an easy revenue stream.

05 August, 2008

its ugly

but it works:

VPN client -> wi-fi on work computer -> wi-fi on new phone -> 3G connection on phone -> VPN server at work

so if i should find myself in need of rebooting a machine at work, and no immediate wi-fi connection available, at least i can still get in there.

(sadly, a direct tether of the laptop to my phone is out of the question. way to go, security profile administrator.)