14 November, 2008

there are no stupid questions

if someone tells you that, they're full of shit. in fact, here's a stupid question i just got via e-mail:


Can you explain some of the odd queries that the Google Search Appliance says people are making with some frequency. Here are a few and the number of times they were made since October 1:
[search terms redacted]

yes, allow me to completely explain all of human behaviour. ever. because this is something i can do.

really, the mere fact that this person has sent me an e-mail and asked this question only goes to answer it: people are inquisitive creatures by nature, and want their questions answered. they will seek out these answers anyway they can, including, but not limited to, search engines.

perhaps that should be my response to this person.

12 November, 2008

password stupidity

password criteria for my new contract overlords billing system:

  • must be 8 characters long. not 8 characters minimum. 8 characters total.

  • must have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. it can not have any "special" characters.

  • the password is not case sensitive

seriously, i have a more restrictive (and safer) password policy on my laptop at home. couple that with the fact that my username is just 7 random characters (and not, say, my first initial followed by my last name, as is normal), and i can tell that i am really going to hate doing my hours.

04 November, 2008

voting is easy

let's just say that at 1:30PM, there's not much waiting. the entire process took about 20 minutes, most of that being the walk to and from the polling place.

i would like to thank everyone who voted ahead of time via absentee ballots, and also got out of the way by coming in early this morning. thanks for making my life a little bit easier.