02 May, 2009

2009 kinetic sculpture race (pt 1)

kinetic sculpture race is hella fun.

will talk more about it, or at least post a link to pictures, later. like, when my body starts working again.

14 April, 2009

tea party

wah wah wah

seriously, unless you live in DC, you have no right to complain about taxation without representation.

also, i really hope this protest involves the destruction of tea. because, quite frankly, someone had to pay good money for that tea, only to have it destroyed.


10 March, 2009

more and more gone

lifeandliberty.gov (and its siamese-twin-like sister sites, patriotact.gov and protectamericaact.gov) has been banished to the purgatory that is the DOJ archives.

good-bye, patriot act cheerleaders. we'll miss your crazy enthusiasm for some horrible legislature.

27 February, 2009

eugene mirman

saw eugene mirman at his book reading at barnes & noble last night. there are even some pictures:

Eugene Mirman, 27 February 2009

also, this was my parking lot at work this morning:

From From my phone

11 February, 2009

i can not figure this out

so, i'm watching leverage on the DVR. i notice that the defendant's lawyer looks familiar. just a little something in the back of my head.

i search imdb's cast list for the episode, and he's not in there. which is quite odd, as he has a speaking part and everything. finally i remember epguides.com, and look up "leverage" there. find the episode and find the actor in question. its this guy:

david shatraw

where did i recognize mr. shatraw from? he was christopher titus' friend tommy on titus.

to emphasize: i recognized a guy from a tv show that hasn't been on the air for seven years, with only a brief look at his now. a real life person? i wouldn't be able to recognize them a day later.

pigs in a blanket

using this recipe, i made some pigs in a blanket:

From From my phone

well, okay, the link calls them "bannock wrapped hot dogs", but come on, we all know what they really are. and, to make things even better, i added bacon!

things for the future:

- roll the dough out thinner
- cook the bacon a bit before hand. while not a problem with this batch, it would probably taste a bit better cooked a bit longer. also, less bacon grease to get in the dough.

all-in-all, 8.5 out of 10.

for dessert:

From From my phone

rolled out the remaining dough, spread some of jenny's bourbon-butter, coated with cinnamon sugar, and baked. a very nice cinnamon roll.

(sorry, forgot to take a picture before tucking in to dessert)

09 February, 2009

rss feeds

i made some rss feeds for various comic strips. feel free to use them. suggest new ones in the comments.

(daily strips only, please. i don't do any error checking to see if the page actually exists, so sites that miss various days will be a pain. maybe in the future.)

30 January, 2009


a critic-quote for the movie 'new in town':

It's Legally Blonde meets 'Sweet Home Alabama'

and for some reason, a marketing person at the movie studio thought that this is a good thing.

(seriously, this movie looks like a five-peanut turd. hahaha! them folks from minnesota sure are wacky with their snow and ice and hunting and 'oh yah's all over the place. i mean, yeah, they are, but the coen brothers did a better job of illustrating this fact in 'fargo'.)

28 January, 2009



  • shoveled and salted the walkway and sidewalk in front of the house
    • good: limits liability and keeps the county of everyone's back

    • bad: my back is now grumpy at me

    • also bad: new layer of ice that formed overnight is the only thing on the walkway and sidewalk. no layer of snow underneath to aid in walking

  • took out trash and recycling
    • good: didn't have to do it this morning

    • also good: was able to lounge in my fleece pants and play xbox 360 with a guilt-free conscience

    • bad: didn't think to bring in some firewood before changing into fleece pants. no toasty fire

  • woke up at 4AM to go to gym
    • good: going to the gym is good, right?

    • bad: fore-mentioned layer of ice on walkway, sidewalk and my car. why go to the gym with the workout i'm getting from all of this scraping?

    • bad: some roads still not to clear. lots of ice right around my office/gym

at first, i thought the gym was closed. as i was walking towards it, i saw two other people try to get in, but the doors were locked. luckily, someone let them in, and a third person walked up and went in on my way over there. but the place was DEAD. no one at the front desk to swipe my membership card, which luckily doesn't need to happen for me to do anything. locker room, empty. i get to the main exercise floor and no one is there. absolutely no one. i have full run of the place. i hop on a stationery bike, do my thing. and i kid you not, during my hour on the bike, TWO people came in and used the fucking treadmill RIGHT BEHIND ME. there are literally dozens of treadmills to choose from in that place, and these motherfuckers chose THAT ONE. what the fuck, people? i'm not that pretty to look at, and i'm sure as hell not going to start a conversation with you. get your fucking co-dependent, i-need-to-be-near-other-people fix somewhere else.

16 January, 2009

abortion doughnuts!

Pro-Life Group up in Arms over Krispy Kreme's Abortion Doughnuts

i hear every doughnut you buy pays for an unwed, teenaged mother to get a 4th trimester abortion, performed by satan himself.

08 January, 2009

welcome to the breadline, boys

dear lockheed martin:

please go eat a big bag of dicks. stop screwing around with paying my boss. i would like very much to get my paycheck.

fuck all you guys,

07 January, 2009


Checklist for this website:

  • Promote acceptance of men wearing pantyhose: check

  • Pictures of men looking stupid in pantyhose: check

  • Explanation as to why men would ever want or need to wear pantyhose: er, um

06 January, 2009


help desk to me: we've opened a ticket for such-and-such problem
me to help desk: that problem is not our group. please re-assign to the windows group.
help desk to me: we don't have access to that anymore, you'll have to do it
me to help desk: you just did this same thing for us earlier this morning. WTF?!

i have so much hate for our help desk.
hate hate hate hate. hate.