11 February, 2009

i can not figure this out

so, i'm watching leverage on the DVR. i notice that the defendant's lawyer looks familiar. just a little something in the back of my head.

i search imdb's cast list for the episode, and he's not in there. which is quite odd, as he has a speaking part and everything. finally i remember epguides.com, and look up "leverage" there. find the episode and find the actor in question. its this guy:

david shatraw

where did i recognize mr. shatraw from? he was christopher titus' friend tommy on titus.

to emphasize: i recognized a guy from a tv show that hasn't been on the air for seven years, with only a brief look at his now. a real life person? i wouldn't be able to recognize them a day later.

1 comment:

  1. Those pictures of David Shatraw looks deceptively similar to Brent Spiner, don't you think?